Our Story

Geoff and Jordan knew there had to be a better way for customers to invest in crypto and other digital assets without being subject to such high volatility. They put their heads together to create a series of trading methodologies – ”Pocket Fund Strategies” – that seeks consistent, longer term returns through prudent investment management.

The ability to guide you with a series of fund strategies, rather than opening the gate to hundreds of cryptocurrencies, makes TradeTogether more reliable and efficient – which makes all the difference.


Our Journey

Let’s make something great together

August 2021
  • Incorporation and legal start
September 2021
  • Launch of the investment strategies (started in February.)
  • Joined by CTO and Marketing Lead
November 2021
  • Closing of pre-seed US$500.000
  • MAS exemption
December 2021
  • 400 guests registered on waitlist
  • Onboarding of 10 accredited investors
  • Total under management US$500.000


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