Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about TradeTogether

What is TradeTogether?

TradeTogether is a Web3 Digital Asset Management platform. We operate in Singapore under a regulatory exemption (granted on October 25, 2021) to manage funds investing in cryptocurrencies for Accredited and Institutional investors in Singapore, as well as Retail investors in selected countries outside of Singapore.

TradeTogether exclusively provides investment management services related to investment of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Only Accredited and Institutional investors in Singapore are eligible to deposit funds with TradeTogether.

How can I open a TradeTogether account?

You can open a new account with TradeTogether anytime, anywhere with these easy steps:

  1. Take a risk profiling quiz via this link to find out what the best investment strategies are for you. Once completed, you will receive an email to indicate your risk profile scoring.

  2. Submit your KYC documents. Verification may take 24 hours to a week. Information may be requested on a case-by-case basis in which you will receive notification via email.

  3. Once complete, will be able to transfer funds into one of our three Pocket Fund Strategies using our Digital Bank partner – Signature Bank.

    You can also opt to send us funds from a digital wallet, which will be scanned for compliance purposes.

  4. You’re all set! Your credentials will be sent to you.

What do I need to apply for an account?

For Singapore Residents:

Full legal name
Date of birth
Proof of address/ phone jurisdiction
Most recent IRAS Notice of Assessment
Passport or other similar government issued identification
Facial verification – coming soon

For those living aboard:

Full legal name
Date of birth
Proof of address/ phone jurisdiction
Description of source assets
Passport or other similar government issued identification
Facial verification – coming soon

For Corporate Entities and Institutions

An extract of your business registry is required, along with additional KYC information that will be requested based on the jurisdiction where you operate. Our Advisor Team will be in touch to guide you through the process.

Can I purchase Cryptocurrencies through the TradeTogether platform?

The TradeTogether platform allows you to purchase curated Crypto asset solutions, such as our Basket Fund strategies. More specially curated Web3 and on-demand solutions will be added to the platform in time to come.

Will assets purchased be held in the account holder’s name?

Yes, assets are held in the account holder’s name. Every investor has a personal user account, which follows strict security and confidentiality processes.

What custody solutions do you have in place?

We use two custody solutions, Ledger and Certis. These solutions protect the assets and avoid any key conservation concentration risks. If you have any enquires, please reach out for more details. We'd be happy to share more about our custodians, cybersecurity and risk mitigation methodology.

Do you have a bank partner?

We currently work with Digital Asset Bank, Signature Bank (we are a signet member) for all fund management activities. We also have a separate bank account in Singapore for operational activity to ensure strict asset segregation.

Can we choose which coins we invest in?

Our on-demand services and Pocket Fund Strategies allow you to gain broad access to the crypto market via a list of pre-selected tokens. Choose from an offering of token baskets that have been carefully curated using our unique risk assessment methodology.

How are you able to generate such yields?

TradeTogether uses a unique risk assessment scoring methodology to assess each protocol before investing.

We operate from:

  • Crypto-Exchanges;
  • Web3 Protocols;
  • Lending/Borrowing platforms, also known as Defi Platforms;
  • Web3 Market Makers;

From there, TradeTogether market researchers  use a hybrid trading approach, combining asset allocation across multiple chains along with directional and arbitrage strategies.

For more information and educational content, follow us on our TradeTogether LinkedIn page.

How are your fees calculated?

We charge a one-time deposit fee of 2% and a monthly management fee of 0.25%. And that’s it!

We don’t receive any performance fees regardless of the strategy or products selected by our clients, so our team is not incentivised to promote any risky Web3 products.

The Subscription Agreement captures my initial investment. Will there be an additional set of agreements for each additional investment moving forward?

The Subscription Agreement only captures the initial investment and mandate terms. There won’t be any additional sets of agreements for any additional investments within that mandate. Any additional investments will be added to the base capital.

While the Subscription Agreement will remain as is, clients may reach out if they wish to adjust their risk profile. However, we would like to recommend clients to keep to a risk profile that best serves them.

Will investments through TradeTogether be on a DCA basis?

The DCA (Dollar-cost averaging method) is managed by TradeTogether, and investment yields/profits are proportioned accordingly. Based on the investment strategy chosen, the fund deployment can be done on a DCA basis when it applies best. This will be used mainly for the higher-risk strategies. In all cases, our goal is to generate healthy returns while preserving your base capital.

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